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About us

Lawskool Pty Ltd is Australia’s # 1 law note provider. Established over 15 years ago Lawskool prides itself on developing up-to-date law study notes for over 30 law subjects.

All of our notes are of the highest quality and are reviewed regularly to ensure they contain up-to-date current law. Just like a textbook we ensure that our study notes are relevant across all legal jurisdictions in Australia.

We believe that you will find Lawskool study notes an invaluable resource to assist you prepare for your exams.  All of our products are covered by our ‘Lawskool Satisfaction Guarantee’.

Our Products

Lawskool offers the following range of products for both post and undergraduate law students:

  • Law Summaries
    • Comprehensive law notes, between 90 - 180 pages.
  • Model Exams
    • Exam questions and model answers, between 20 - 40 pages.
  • Mind Maps
    • Detailed flow diagrams.
  • Audio Notes
    • Audio books - between 45 - 60 minutes.
    • Case Notes
      • Detailed analysis of case law.
    • Flash Cards
      • Memorisation study tool.
    • Post Graduate Practical Legal Training Notes
      • Study notes for students completing practical legal training courses to be admitted as a solicitor).
    • Free Models
      • Free model exam answers, case note, research assignment and how to guides.

    How to order

    Click on here and follow the instructions. It couldn’t be easier!

    How Long Does It Take to Receive my Order? 

    All orders are express posted directly to you, so depending what time you place your order you should receive it the next business day.

    Unfortunately, Lawskool does not provide electronic copies of its products.  This enables us to better protect our intellectual property and reduce piracy.

    How to prepare for upcoming law exams? 

    Exams cannot be avoided at law school, but don't let them get you down.  There are three crucial steps for exam preparation:

    1. Keep up with the work during the semester i.e. go to all classes and do the relevant reading.  At a bare minimum read the relevant area of your Lawskool summary that correspondence with your lecture topics, before each lecture.
    2. Revise and synthesise your class notes and notes from other texts with a Lawskool summary, to create your own summary.
    3. Do lots and lots of practice exams! Lawskool Model Exams and Mind Maps are a great way to help you prepare for exams.

    This third step is the real key.  Before you sit your exam you must be confident that you can apply the law to any question your lecturer might throw at you.

    Lawyers solve people's problems so law exams are designed to test your ability to apply the law you have learnt to a hypothetical fact situation and come up with a solution for your hypothetical client.  As such, legal analysis is very pedantic.  In an exam you will have to answer questions in order and focus on the significant issues.  There are often multiple answers to problems and to get the best marks you will have to tease out the best possible solution to your client's problem.  Above all make sure you answer the question and don't waffle on about irrelevant things. Markers will look favorably upon short concise answers that cover the major points.

    We sincerely hope that the above exam tips help you to get the most out of your time at university.

    Best of luck!