Due to the WSLSA becoming incorporated in November 2018 and a registered charity in January 2019 with all the legal rules behind memberships that that entails, as well as WSU replacing Orgsync with something else sometime in 2019, the WSLSA is currently in the process of changing all membership application procedures.

The official member list of the WSLSA will be managed by an online member management system (that interestingly both the AFL and NSW Law Society currently use) accessed through (that will be opened in May 2019)

MEMBERSHIP For 1st Year 2019 Law Students

To register your name with us you can currently

  1. Sign into OrgSync:

  2. Search for "WSLSA" through the search bar at the top of the page, or click here.

  3. Click "Join Now" (green button on left side of page) and confirm that you want to join at the pop-up.

This will enable you to join Orgsync (that is a great portal for all the social clubs currently on each campus - though about to disappear in July 2019) and our interim system so that you can be sent a membership application as soon as membership applications are finalised online.

Please note that Orgsync is not our official membership list and only currently holds contact details of those who want to apply, not those who are actually members.


  1. You can NOW apply to join through

  2. Join the system and then apply by filling in the downloadable application form and submitting it via the interface.

  3. We will then get back to you with membership details and how to pay your $10 yearly membership fee

  4. Note: the membership fee of $10 is redeemable off any merchandise or social event (once per year).


If you already have your name down with Orgsync previously and are a currently enrolled law student at WSU you will shortly receive email directions on how to apply and then join the WSLSA. If you are not currently registered with us on Orgsync, you can follow the procedures for 1st Years as above, or wait until all current Law Students receive an email on how to apply.


All students will soon be able to access Application forms that will be available online and at the School of Law Administration (Campbelltown and Parramatta ) offices and then once approved join the WSLSA using the online membership portal.


Membership will be $10 per year, though this can be recouped if you so wish at one (your choice which one) paid social event ticket or clothing merchandise purchased once per membership year.


Our Facebook pages have not changed (only expanded) so you can like the WSLSA Facebook Page for updates about events, as well as job opportunities advertised.

There is also a Facebook Group, which consists of current law students at Western Sydney as well as an exclusive First Year closed group. We also have Twitter and Instagram. Join them all for discussions, law student banter, memes, advice and informative updates!

Are you a first year student?

Come to Law Retreat to make new friends, have fun, learn tips from senior students and guest speakers and gain skills which directly help with your assessments. More information for First Years can be found on the WSU School of Law’s very informative first year page.