Join the WSLSA

Since the WSLSA became incorporated in November 2018 and a registered charity in January 2019, with all the legal obligations that go along with all that, the WSLSA has a new membership portal to manage the official members list.

This portal allows membership application and renewals to be processed efficiently as well as allowing event registration, official communications, an official calendar, administration of meetings (with minutes and agendas available) and member only information and pages. This new system is completely Australian which keeps all data onshore and is used by the AFL, Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), QUT, and NSW Law Society to name a few.

Who can become a member?

Anyone can apply to become a member, be they a current WSU law student, Alumni, or anyone else who wants to be a “Friend of WSLSA”.

Though as per our articles of incorporation only current Western Sydney Law Students can become General Members with all the rights that come with general membership in any incorporated association.

How do I sign up and become a member

To become a member you first need to join using our online membership portal at

Please create an account (we are using TidyHQ, so if you are already a member of the NSW Law Society, AFL, or numerous other organisations you might already have one).

Once you have an account you then need to apply for membership by completing the following:

  • Download the application form found on the portal. Fill it out then save or scan it (if handwritten)

  • Choose the type of membership required

    • Students should choose “WSU Law Student Application”

    • Alumni’s should choose the “Alumni Application”

    • Anyone else can apply to by choosing “Friend of WSLSA” Application

      • Note: All applications have zero cost and are valid for a maximum of 2 months without granting any membership privileges on the applicant.

  • Fill in the online form presented and upload your completed Application form.

  • Once submitted, the WSLSA Secretary will consider your application and you will receive an email stating whether you are approved or not within a reasonable time.

  • Alumni and “Friends of WSLSA” need do nothing more since you are automatically that membership type if approved and there is no further cost.

  • For Student’s who have applied for general membership - If approved, you will notice that you can now purchase “General Membership” which requires some more information for legislative purposes plus payment of $10.

    • Payment is via credit card.

    • If you would prefer to pay via cash, we can arrange it, though it will take time since it must be manually accepted by an Executive.

  • Once you have paid the yearly membership fee you are instantly a fully paid up General Member of the WSLSA with all the rights of a general member. Congratulations!

Note: as stated above the membership fee of $10 is redeemable* (if you so wish) off one merchandise or social event (per membership year) starting January 2020. *Only available on normal priced items.


What does membership include?

Being a general member in an incorporated association like the WSLSA creates certain privileges. For example, you can vote at all general meetings, you can attend external competitions and events that the WSLSA subsidises, and you are also able to run for an executive position on the WSLSA which is not only an incorporated association but also a registered charity.

As well as this, starting from 2020, all membership types will allow you priority registrations at events. In the future, we are also looking at potential discounts on social events and other exclusive initiatives for all membership types.

How much does membership cost?

General membership is for a nominal fee of $10 per membership year or part thereof. A membership year is for a calendar year calculated from your date of becoming a member and must be renewed before the anniversary of that date for the same nominal fee to retain General Membership.

General members will also be able to recoup the annual membership fee on either a paid social event or a merchandise item (once per membership year on normal priced items).

Other membership types, due to them having no voting rights, are free. They also last longer until renewal. “Friends of WSLSA” lasts for 5 yrs, and “Alumni” lasts for 90yrs (once an Alumni, always an Alumni!)

General Membership automatically ceases as soon as the member is not a current Western Sydney Law Student. This, for example, occurs when graduating law, deferring for longer than 6 months in the academic year, or ceasing your studies.

What about members of the previous WSULSA/UWSLSA?

The WSULSA/UWSLSA ceased to exist as a legal entity in 2018.

The current entity of the WSLSA started in November 2018. Therefore any ex-member of the older non-existent organisation will need to sign up and apply as a new member of the WSLSA. This also includes anyone that was enrolled via the now nearly defunct WSU ‘Orgsync’ platform.

Please note that Orgsync is not our official membership list and we do not use it in any practical way for members. Orgync itself is being replaced by ‘CampusGroups’ sometime in 2020. That will still not become an official membership system due to our legal status as an incorporated charity.


Our Facebook pages have not changed (only expanded) so you can like the WSLSA Facebook Page for updates about events, as well as job opportunities advertised.

There is also a Facebook Group, which consists of current law students at Western Sydney as well as an exclusive First Year closed group. We also have Twitter and Instagram. Join them all for discussions, law student banter, memes, advice and informative updates!

Are you a first year student?

Come to Law Retreat to make new friends, have fun, learn tips from senior students and guest speakers and gain skills which directly help with your assessments. More information for First Years can be found on the WSU School of Law’s very informative first year page.