2019/20 WSLSA Election


Nominee names and what positions they are running for will be available very soon.


  • Nominations to become a potential candidate for the upcoming WSLSA Executive elections for 2019/20 are now CLOSED

  • The 2019/2020 Election guide that contains official election notice, election timetable, eligibility criteria, and regulations, with nominee forms can be accessed below.

  • All three forms, for those wanting to be nominees and potential candidates, were to be submitted to by 10PM Sunday, 13 October in order for the nomination to be valid with the election held on Sunday, 27 October 2019 at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Please note that you must be a general member to become a nominee and/or vote.

To apply to become a general member follow the guide that was sent in an earlier email last week, or apply via our membership portal at (the guide can also be found on “how to…” menu at our membership portal or in web form at

All three forms, for those wanting to be nominees and potential candidates, must be submitted to by Sunday, 13 October 2019 in order to be valid.

Being on the Executive provides you with an opportunity to contribute to student life, engagement, and development, as well as to network with members of the profession and other law students from WSU and other Universities. In fact, the opportunities gained both as a student and as a person are boundless.

Good luck to all those wanting to become nominees and then candidates.


At an Executive Meeting held on 31 August 2019, Amy Shao was duly appointed as the WSLSA Electoral Officer for 2019. All questions and concerns regarding this year’s elections should be directed to Amy at

 Any concerns about any other non-election matters should be directed to either or


Please click below button for a good summary of Director’s (and other office bearers) legal duties and responsibilities within any Incorporated Association within New South Wales. Note: An executive position on the WSLSA is classified as a director by law .


Also this link from the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA), which the WSLSA is a member, gives great insights into the roles and responsibilities of all standard (and some non standard) positions on Incorporated bodies. Look on the left hand links to read information about good governance, finances that all executives should know about, planning and resources and a multitude of other good information that is needed to properly run an organisation such as the WSLSA.

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