About Us

The Western Sydney Law Students’ Association (‘WSLSA’) is the pre-eminent association for students studying law at Western Sydney University.

Founded in 2000 and run entirely by students, the WSLSA aims to enrich the university life of students by hosting a range of professional and social events throughout the academic year.

The WSLSA also prides itself on its staunch advocacy for its student members.

Semester One

  • SOS Drinks
  • Internal Competitions
  • Law Camp
  • First Year Information Evening
  • MAS Workshops
  • Clerkship Events
  • Study Skills Sessions
  • Law Cruise
  • ALSA Conference

Semester Two

  • SOS Pub Crawl
  • Careers and Clerkship Guides
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • ‘Careers in Public Law’
  • Internal Competitions
  • External Competitions
  • Law Ball
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Events
  • Study Skills Sessions