Meet the 2018 Executive

Tom Synnott, President

Petra Perlitz, President

Final year Bachelor of Arts /Laws student with a major in International Relations and Asian Studies based at Parramatta. Petra is passionate about enriching law students' experiences by expanding the opportunities and services offered by the WSLSA in 2018

Why should students get involved in the wslsa?

The LSA is an integral part of your student experience. We make your time at Law School memorable, by providing students the opportunity to build their social and professional networks.

Committee Members

  • Women in Law Co-ordinator: Jaime-Lee Morrison

  • Personal Assistant: Hawa Mohammad

Women in Law Subcommittee

  • Co-ordinator: Jaime-Lee Morrison

  • Members:

  • Yasmin Fiaz

  • Brittany Tan

  • Claire Bellamy

  • Eleanor Soane

  • Hawa Mohammad

  • Jamie-lee Morrison

  • Rebekah Cromie

  • Samantha Henry


Johnny Nguyen, General Manager

Johnny is a fifth-year Bachelor of Business & Commerce/Bachelor of Laws studying at Campbelltown campus. One of Johnny's key aims is to ensure that the initiatives of the WSLSA are made accessible for students across both campuses.

Committee Members

  • Events Officer (Parramatta): Neha Rafiq

  • Executive Assistant: Fifi-An Tran

  • First Year Officers:

    • Allyssa Khoupongsy

    • Eleanor Soane


Navjot Singh, Vice-President (Administration)

Penultimate year student in Bachelor of Science/Laws based at Parramatta. Navjot is committed to creating effective communication and transparency between LSA and members, by streamlining communications and reducing inbox clutter.

As a member of the Executive, Navjot wants to represent the LSA in the utmost professional manner and contribute to constantly improving the LSA.

Committee Members

  • Secretary: Yasmin Fiaz

  • Administration Officer: Amit Maharaj


Claire Bellamy, Vice-President (Careers & Education)

Claire is a very enthusiastic and dedicated 2nd year Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Social Science student. By becoming a committee member in her first year, Claire has grasped many opportunities to enhance her peers university experience and future success. As Vice-President, Claire hopes to continue the WSLSA’s involvement with students.

Committee Members

  • Education Officer: Adjoa Assan

  • Careers Officer: Kim Dinh

  • Careers Committee:

    • Grayce Keen

    • Neha Rafiq

    • Taylor Faleva-ai


Grame Thompson, Vice-President (Finance)

As a second year Bachelor of Laws student who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, Grame is dedicated to increasing the professional profile of the WSLSA through liaising with firms and the university.



Amy Shao, Vice-President (Marketing)

Third year Bachelor of Information Communication Technology/Laws student at Parramatta, Amy aims to use her position on the executive to improve student engagement and the visibility of the LSA. 


Sarah Starnovsky, Vice-President (Socials)

A fifth year Bachelor of Business and Commence/Laws located in Campbelltown, Sarah is passionate about bringing new opportunities for students to engage with other students in other institutions.